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I am a Christchurch based Independent Designer specialising in Kitchens, Laundry’s, Bathrooms and Built in Joinery Solutions and for Interior Design with over 23 years of experience and a qualified Kitchen and Interior Designer having an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration.

Having worked in the industry since 1990 in Christchurch New Zealand till 2009 and have spent the last 3 plus years in the UK working for one of the largest company’s there I have expanded my knowledge on the latest trends and technology in leading European Design and have been formally trained in using the best software available throughout Europe.

My Inspiration for my designs comes by listening to my customer and finding out which style inspires your imagination, how you function in your home with your family and working together with my knowledge and experience will design your dream kitchen incorporating all of A-Z.


A – Inspired Designs – Each design unique to each individual
B – Leading Edge Graphics – Almost photo like graphics leaving no guess work
C – Creative Room Concepts – Includes Style, Function, Flow and Safety
D – Latest Trends and Technology – The latest innovations, hardware and drawer runners
E – Space Saving Solutions – Making the most of each unit and ergonomic designs
F – Interior Furnishing Systems – From recycling, cutlery, utensils, spices and many more
G – Professional Colour Advisory – Qualified Interior designer
H – Product Control and Advice – Safety, Obtaining Quotes and Project Management

Why choose an Independent Designer?

By utilising my services you will save a lot of your time.

You will gain independent advice on materials, product, quality joiners/tradespeople and product and finally my software and graphics will mean you will not worry if you have made the right decision in design and colours, so no more guess work you will have invested in achieving the correct design for your home which is the biggest investment most people have.

Leading Edge Graphics

The best thing I have brought back from the UK is an amazing software package for kitchens, bathrooms and built in joinery solutions.

I have been formally trained to use this programme and have been designing with this software for over 3 years and have now invested in importing this back to New Zealand which is a fantastic visual aid that is nearly photographic for you the customer to see what your design will look like prior to manufacture which will leave no guess work or worry in what it will look like, including being able to show different door styles and colours to anything in the room including blinds, curtains ,flooring, a bottle of wine and glasses, a garden outside or even the dog or cat and much more.

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